Anthea is a name that precedes her legacy. As one of the most celebrated tastemakers in our scene, she’s spent the last 15 years honing her skills to become one of the most talented and charismatic DJ’s, Producers, and label heads of our time. Recognized for her distinguished style: bass-laden, rhythmic, and dynamic in range, she’s managed to capture the hearts of clubbers, both pioneer and veteran alike.


Soiling her roots in London, Anthea began her journey as a fixture for two of the most infamous record stores there; Blackmarket and Phonica Records. There, she developed a refined palate for music whilst working tirelessly to become one of most sought after DJ’s in London. Known for her infectious energy, she naturally caught the attention of several producers on the rise. Her instant studio chemistry with them lead to several stand-out hits including: ‘Option One’ with Guti, “The Playmaker” with long time cohort Alex Celler, and several successful collaborations with Werner Niedermeir, otherwise known as JC Freaks. With an impressive list of accolades, it’s no wonder she earned positions on labels such as: Freak N’ Chic, All Inn, One Records, and Desolat, to name a few.


After raising her profile like never before, Anthea went on to become a frequent guest of Loco Dice’s Used & Abused Party, Carl Cox’s, “The Party Unites,” and several other successful parties throughout Ibiza including Zoo Project, where she met long-term label partner, Dana Ruh. After several chance encounters, the two discovered they shared many interests, convincing Ruh to invite Anthea to Berlin to curate their Brouqade label as part of A&R. Since then, she’s unearthed some of the finest underground talent, resulting in the release of several chart-topping releases as well as consistent label nights at the renowned techno establishment, Club Der Visionaere.


Fast forwarding to present day, Anthea has geared her focus towards creating, not imitating. With several releases planned for late 2015, she’s shifted her focus to balancing studio time with an ever-growing tour schedule. From Budapest to Barcelona, her upcoming gig roster boasts an impressive list of dates including an upcoming tour in Japan as well as Audiofly’s Flying Circus events which includes Sonar this year. Wherever the party leads her, Anthea’s warmth and positive energy remain constant; two noticeable qualities that have laid the foundation for what can only be described as a lasting future.