It was only a child when I fall in love with electronic music, from very young spent hours listening to tracks that at the time beat the speakers in my small room.

I know music is a means of expression. I am able to feel incredible sensations as I perceive these sounds as minimalist and electronic. I know music carries energy, energizes soul and mind and is able to going crazy or calm the mind of man. that's why today I'm in love with something that is eternal.

If we talk about Flystereo, we can't fail to mention the legendary "dub experimental" rooted in his "artistic soul". But we can't so trivially limit the considerable musical background which draws inspiration from different musical genres.Always diligent hearer

and lover of Sounds Deep.

When you wanna write something about Flystereo you have to prepare yourself for a small movie storyboard...Madrid-based dj/producer Flystereo was born in Madrid . He started dj-ing in 1995 giving from the very beginning a unique and particular attitude in his sets.

Sometimes more peaky and solid others with a bit lazy downbeat art in it. He is the kind of guy that always have something extra to add in his performance. Musical scene impregnated at that time by the German minimal music which he was influenced early in his career.

He seduces with his productions the music labels like Hypertone ( Detroit ) ,He make Trademark ( Vinyl ) EP, a modern and fancy musical project, composed by eclectic sound elements, and one creativity is in keeping with cosmopolitan mood of freedom. Thanks to this he quickly get the support from influent artists such as: Noël Jackson , Scott Kemps, Jun Akimoto, Ittesuo Nobuo, Glico, Randall M.



Flystereo aka Ivan Lopez